Gas detector head transmitter combustible

The SD-1 Gas detector head transmitter combustible has a built-in display and signal converter. It is a state-of-the-art hazardous area gas detection transmitter. The Instrument has ranges for ppm and %LEL. The SD-1 measures combustible vapours or gases like methane (CH4) or general hydrocarbons (HC), toxics Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Carbon Monoxide (CO). In addition the IECEx ATEX has a certified flameproof enclosure . It is therefore also suitable for acetylene and hydrogen environments.

The SD-1 has a simple magnetic tool to control calibrations or maintenance adjustments without having to open the unit in a hazardous area.  A “single man calibration” feature allows for easy and cost effective maintenance.Gas detector head transmitter combustible

The SD-1 is powered by 24VDC and outputs a 4-20mA communication signal using a 3-wire type analogue transmission for external PLC. It can also is used with controllers like the RM-6000 , RM-5000  when required.

Users connect alarm sounders as well as beacons using the relay contacts . The built-in microprocessor features a self-diagnosis function. It can automatically zero to minimize maintenance work and costs.

SD-1 For Hydrogen detection :

New European legislation has reclassified Power station generator rooms as Zone 2 areas. Operators are therefore required to follow procedures to alleviate any explosion risk.

The Riken Keiki  SD-1 has an IECEx ATEX certified flameproof enclosure suitable for Hydrogen environments.  It is therefore ideal for use in a fixed Hydrogen detection system in power station generator halls. It can detect hydrogen at ppm levels giving plenty of warning of a leak.

SD-1 For Oxygen :

The SD-1OX is an Oxygen monitor and detector. It has multiple range options that include 0-5% Vol ( Ideal for Furnace applications ) as well as 0-10% Vol. The SD-1OX has 0-25%, 0-50% Vol as well as 0-100% Vol ranges available on request. Customers use the SD-1OX in numerous applications in Furnace , Marine as well as the Petrochemical and Oil industries.

A suction adapter (SD-1D) fitted over the detector head is available that can be used in conjunction  with a remote sampling pump such as the air aspirator unit (SD-1D-AS).  This is ideal for applications where standard diffusion detection may not be suitable.