Portable Gas Monitors

RIKEN KEIKI Produces A Complete Line Of Portable Gas Monitoring Equipment For Utilities, Mining, Police, Fire, Rescue, Hazmat, Shipping, Transportation, Telecom, Refineries, Petrochemical

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Fixed Systems

RIKEN KEIKI Is Known For Unique Product Development Of Fixed Gas Detecting Systems Using Audible Alarms, Visual Warning Lights, Capable Of Operating In The Harshest Environment

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International Riken Keiki website. Find more technical informations, service partner, calibration place and more other on International Riken Keiki website RIKENKEIKI.com.. 

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All in one explosion-proof gas calorimeter which features high accuracy, continuous measurement and high-speed response.

Measurement data can be updated every 0.25 seconds, a feature which is not possible with gas chromatography. Robust design for all measurement environments eliminates the risk of measurement outages.

RIKEN KEIKI's portable gas monitors have been certified to the MED regulations.
Riken Keiki is one of the only gas detection manufacturers whose range of marine instruments are certified to the MED regulation.  re you still using gas detectors at the end of their service life?   

It is mandatory for EU flagged vessels to comply with the MED Directive, and member states have an obligation to undertake market surveillance to ensure compliance.
Products certified as meeting requirements of Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU will be accepted by all European and most non-European flag states.

Are you still using gas detectors at the end of their service life?

Gas detectors are vital equipment that can have life or death consequences. Use them properly to protect crew members from accidents.

Gas detectors and other precision equipment generally have a service life of 10 years in a clean environment. It is recommended that gas detectors be inspected, repaired and replaced by manufacturers during the ship inspection twice every five years.**

Riken product advantages for Lithium-ion Battery Production

Riken Keiki has developed gas detection solutions for all production processes of lithium-ion battery manufacturing, which are typically high temperature environments. By utilizing direct insertion and heat resistant gas detection technology, accurate gas monitoring can be achieved in high temperature conditions often required by coating and drying processes.

Combining high-precision Riken gas sensor technology to support decarbonization

RIKEN KEIKI’s patented technologies are integrated into a number of its gas sensors, and by combining these sensors together, it is possible to measure gas in a variety of situations.

Extensive Range of Detection Gas Types and Riken Sensors

With the growth of the semiconductor market, RIKEN KEIKI has developed over 600 types of gas sensors covering new and desired target gases (principle × gas × concentration).

The long-selling GD-70D has a lineup of more than 260 types, supporting detection of a variety of gases.

Custom-ordered sensor development and sensitivity surveys are also possible.

Riken product advantages for high boiling point solvent drying equipment

Explosion-proof, direct-insertion type sensor, can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C

Furnace direct-insertion type sensor, accurately catches concentrations in the central part of the exhaust duct.

Enables detection of true values inside furnaces which cannot be measured by sampling, such as for high boiling-point solvents.