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2019 SPRING NEW MODEL  monitor

  • World's smallest and lightest 4 / 5 gas monitors
  • 3-year warranty
  • Compatible with 11 languages
  • Connect with Bluetooth
  • Water and dust resistant, IP66/68
  • Loud alarm buzzer 95dB at 30cm

Fixed Systems

Fixed Detectors

RIKEN KEIKI Is Known For Unique Product Development Of Fixed Gas Detecting Systems Using Audible Alarms, Visual Warning Lights, Capable Of Operating In The Harshest Environment

Portable Gas Monitors

RIKEN KEIKI Produces A Complete Line Of Portable Gas Monitoring Equipment For Utilities, Mining, Police, Fire, Rescue, Hazmat, Shipping, Transportation, Telecom, Refineries, Offshore Drilling Platforms, Petrochemical




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