Building on and improving the very successful Riken model RI-415 / RX-415,RX-415

 the RX-8000 Series is designed for measuring Hydrocarbons and Oxygen in inert or air atmospheres using Riken’s proven IrDA sensor technology.  Typically used for measuring gas concentration in tanks or piping during inerting/purging applications, and tank maintenance work.

There are two versions of the instrument with with either an HC iso-butane (i-C4H10) or CH4 methane (CH4) NDIR sensor, both are auto-ranging between 0-100%LEL and 0-100 vol%. The optional Oxygen sensor has a range of 0-40%vol.

RX-8000 (i-C4H10 / O2)
RX-8000 (CH4 / O2)

RX-8000 Series - Portable Gas Monitor for %LEL %VOL HC & O2

RX-8000 (i-C4H10) single
RX-8000 (CH4) single

Improvements include better:

  • Explosion proof, IP rating
  • Sampling power
  • Operating temperature & humidity
  • Power source
  • Weight & Dimension
  • Display & other function