Riken Keiki GX-8000 harsh environment Multi Gas confined space monitor

The  GX-8000 confined space monitor sets a new industry standard for rugged, reliable, portable gas detection.

This robust, lightweight, sample drawing multi-gas monitor is designed to provide continuous and simultaneous exposure monitoring in hazardous areas.  It measures flammable, oxygen(O2) and toxic gases ,carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) ) in air.

The 0-100% volume Thermal Conductive sensor allows monitoring of volume levels of combustibles in oxygen-depleted as well as inert gas atmospheres.

This combination of sensors makes for a versatile detector. It is  suitable for dual-use applications such as Confined Space as well as Purging or Inerting. It’s rugged IP-67 waterproof design makes it well suited to harsh, tough environments. The GX-8000 is suitable for industries including oil and gas, utilities, waste water treatment, telecommunications as well as marine shipping.

The compact, lightweight design makes it comfortable to carry using the shoulder/neck strap, and the optional waist strap allows for hands free use. The instrument is easy to operate single-handed in addition a powerful 750ml / minute built-in pump will draw a sample from 30m within a few seconds. This alerts the user to a potentially hazardous combustible or toxic gas situation without delay.GX-8000 Features Diagram

The GX-8000 consolidates several of the older classic Riken models. These include the GX-111, NP-237H, GX-7, GX-85N, OX-62B, OX-1, OX-415, in addition to the OX-226 and GP-226, into one versatile unified multigas monitor.

Riken’s Gx-8000 usability and reliability are the culmination of 75 years of experience as a leading gas detector  manufacturer. The GX-800o is certified to international standards (ATEX / IECEx / MED (wheel mark), etc).