GM-600 Ethylene Oxide ( EO)  Monitor:

The Riken Keiki GM-600 is an indoor stand-alone Ethylene Oxide monitor.

Ethylene Oxide is used for the Sterilization of hardware and is extremely toxic . Staff working in Sterilization facilities must have early warning of any leaks.

Using the GM-600 allows users to have advanced warning of any Ethylene Oxide leaks should they occur.GM-600 Ethylene Oxide (EO) Monitor

Users find the compact and lightweight GM-600 very easy to use and install in addition users can mount the monitors at staff eye level.

Visual and Audible Ethylene Oxide Alarms:

The GM-600 has a display that changes colour at each alarm level. This is a unique feature of the Riken Keiki  600 series of instruments.

The Unit comes with  preset alarms set to High and High High. Users can program their own alarm levels if desired.  Users can access relay outputs for 1st and 2nd alarms in addition to a 4-20mA output. These features allow customers to connect optional external accessories such as such as additional sounders and beacons.

The Instrument comes ready to operate with a 24 VDC Power supply.  An optional 240VAC Main adapter is also available.

Sensor Technologies :

The GM-600 has a highly sensitive semiconductor sensor.

Remote Ethylene Oxide ( EO ) Sensor:

The GM-600 comes complete with a 3m extender cable allowing users to be mount the monitor outside the room with the sensor inside. This protects staff, allowing users to ascertain the state of the room prior to entry.

Customers can specify optional extras that include a Battery backed UPS ( BATPSU-600-X-24VDC)  in addition to sounder beacon(s) (SB-600-24VDC ) .

Customers of the GM-600 are those using Ethylene Oxide Sterilization autoclaves in addition to Research Laboratories.

The GM-600 is a member of the 600 series of standalone monitors in addition the 600 Series family also includes OX-600, EC-600and RI-600

The GM-600 is a high performance cost effective solution when Ethylene Oxide monitoring is required.