Formaldehyde (HCHO) Gas Detector:

The FP-31 is a highly sensitive portable gas detector specific for formaldehyde (HCHO) detection. Unlike other Formaldehyde detection techniques that require pre-filter tubes for filtering out Phenols and other compounds, the FP-31 uses a specially doped colorimetric detection tabs with photoelectric photometry to provide a direct readout on the digital LCD display. Users place a tablet into the instrument, and then an air sample is pumped onto the tablet for either a 15 minute or 30 minutes. If HCHO is present, it will cause the chemically impregnated tablet surface to darken or stain. The magnitude of the stain directly correlates to the level of HCHO in the air. The stain darkness is read by an optical sensor in the Instrument. The FP-31 calculates the gas concentration from this.

No interference Gases

Users read the HCHO measurement on an easy to read LCD display. The unit detects formaldehyde at very low levels. Users can easily confirm if an area contains safe breathing levels.  In addition the FP-31 has no known interfering gases.FP-31 Formaldehyde (HCHO) Specific Monitor

The instrument has a self diagnosis function and is very easy to operate in addition to being very reliable. Users can also specify the optional tripod mounting in order to statically measure formaldehyde in a laboratory or mortuary. The Colorimetric tablets are readily available. In addition the unit comes fully calibrated and ready to use.

Detects the WHO Formaldehyde level:

The FP-31 replaces the popular FP-30 with ergonomic improvements  including size, weight and an easy to read big LCD screen, and uses the same tabs

The model FP-31 can detect the World Health Organization level of 0.08 ppm average for 30 minutes.

FP-31 Formaldehyde detector applications:

Users are Mortuaries , Teaching hospitals, universities, medical and veterinary laboratories as well as applications in furniture construction ,wood products and general air quality monitoring.