FI-8000 Optical gas indicator

  • Max 8 measuring gas range available
  • 2 way of sampling method
  • Pump suction type or Hand aspirating typeRiken Interferometer History・Intermittent measuring mode available
    (For pump suction type only)
  • Ingress proof rating IP67
  • Suited for outdoor work.
  • Easy-to-read wide LCD display
  • Intrinsically safe (ATEX Presafe 14 ATEX 5711)
    Explosion proof class Exia IIC T4 Ga

This highly accurate Optical Gas Indicator is customizable for up to 8 gases and ranges, and uses optical interferometry to acuratley measure a gas concentration in a known base gas, such as air. Numorous gases are available to choose from, and if not listed on our current gas list, please ask, it is probably possible to include.

Because the principle operation is the comparison of the optical refractive index of a gas, there are no moving parts or problems with sensor drift. This gives a stable calibration, allowing for long periods between calibration, thus saving on maintenance cost.

The FI-8000 is the latest model from Riken in a long line of optical interferometers dating back to the 1930’s when Riken’s founder first developed the technology for Methane detection to help prevent explosion accidents on oil tankers and in coal mines.

In the 1970’s Weatherall developed with Riken the instrument for anaesthetic gases. In conjunction with Dr John F Nunn’s research, published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia, helped validate the principle of interference refractometry as a technique suitable for measuring anaesthetic gases such as Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane and Enflurane.

List of gases:

Chamber length: 5mm
Detection gas Base gas Range
Methyl bromide Air 0~100vol%
Sulfur Hexafluoride Air 0~100vol%
Sulfur Hexafluoride Air 0~99.9%up
Sulfur Hexafluoride N2 0~100vol%
Propane Air 0~100vol%
Iso-butane Air 0~100vol%
N-butane Air 0~100vol%
Flon 22 Air 0~100vol%
Dimethyl Ether Air 0~100vol%
Dimethyl Ether N2 0~100vol%
Xenon Air 0~100vol%
Ethylene Air 0~100vol%
Chorine Air 0~100vol%
Vinyl chloride N2 0~100vol%

Chamber length: 5mm
Detection gas Base gas Range
Propane Air 0~101.3 MJ/m3
Gross 0°C
Butane Air 0~134.2 MJ/m3
Gross 0°C
Propane Air 0~93.15 MJ/m3
Net 0°C
Butane Air 0~123.7 MJ/m3
Net 0°C
Chamber length: 24mm
Detection gas Base gas Range
Halothane O2 0~6vol%
Isoflurane O2 0~8vol%
Sevoflurane O2 0~10vol%
Desflurane O2 0~20vol%
Halothane Air 0~6vol%
Isoflurane Air 0~8vol%
Sevoflurane Air 0~10vol%
Desflurane Air 0~20vol%
Enflurane * O2 0~10vol%
Enflurane * Air 0~10vol%
*Available on request. Select up to a maximum of 8 gas ranges per instrument.
Chamber length: 24mm
Detection gas Base gas Range
Helium Air 0~100vol%
Helium N2 0~100vol%
Helium Argon 0~100vol%
Hydrogen Air 0~100vol%
Hydrogen N2 0~100vol%
Heavy Hydrogen Air 0~100vol%
Heavy Hydrogen N2 0~100vol%
Carbon dioxide Air 0~100vol%
Carbon dioxide N2 0~100vol%
Carbon dioxide Argon 0~100vol%
Neon Air 0~100vol%
Methane Air 0~100vol%
Methane Air 0~100vol%
Nitrous Oxide Air 0~100vol%
Ozone O2 0~100vol%
Chamber length: 24mm
Detection gas Base gas Range
LNG or
25~50 MJ/m3
Gross 0°C
LNG or
22~45 MJ/m3
Net 0°C
Chamber length: 48mm
Detection gas Base gas Range
Toluene Air 0~100%LEL
Ethyl acetate Air 0~100%LEL
Xylene Air 0~100%LEL
Iso-proply alcohol Air 0~100%LEL
M.E.K Air 0~100%LEL
Methanol Air 0~100%LEL
Propane Air 0~100%LEL
Iso-butane Air 0~100%LEL
Acetone Air 0~100%LEL
Ethyl alcohol Air 0~100%LEL
Methane Air 0~100%LEL
Hydrogen Air 0~100%LEL
Ethyl chloride Air 0~100%LEL
Ethylene Air 0~100%LEL
Styrene Air 0~100%LEL
Ammonia Air 0~100%LEL
Tetrahydroflane Air 0~100%LEL
Dioxolane Air 0~100%LEL
Methyl-isopropil-Keton Air 0~100%LEL
Tetrafluoro-propane Air 0~100%LEL
Butylacetate Air 0~100%LEL
Chamber length: 48mm
Detection gas Base gas Range
Methyl Bromide Air 0~200g/m3
Methy Iodine Air 0~200g/m3
Sulfuryl Fluoride Air 0~200g/m3
Methyl Bromide Air 0~5vol%
Propylene oxide Air 0~10vol%
Chamber length: 48mm
Detection gas Base gas Range
Ammonia N2 0~100vol%
Oxygen N2 0~100vol%