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Riken Keiki OX-07 Type C 0-100% Volume Oxygen Outlet Monitor

The OX-07 Type C measures Oxygen in the range of 0-100% Volume. It also measures Nitrogen by measuring the lack of Oxygen in the nitrogen pipeline . It is designed to measure Oxygen Purity in Medical Gas Pipelines as well as Medical Oxygen Concentrators.

0-100% Volume Medical Oxygen Monitor

The OX-07 connects to the pipeline or Concentrator via a simple adapter and tube . It is easy to use simply turn on perform an air cal then connect to the pipeline and measure. The Unit is robust and reliable and comes as standard with an impact resistant case.  It is light weight. Regular bump testing is easy via a simple single push button Air Calibration.

The Unit has a large and clear LCD display with Auto backlight . The OX-07 will operate for up to 5000 hours on one set of batteries in addition is has alarms for fail conditions. These are Audio/Visual as well as Vibration alarms.